The Lodge

The Lodge at Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing

The Lodge at Jonas Ridge snow tubing is where you pay and recieve your slope ticket for your snow tube session. This ticket will have an end time of your session written on it. Take the ticket and attach it to your jacket, because non-ticketed persons are not allowed past the fence on the slope.

There are many places to sit down and relax by the warmth of an old fashioned fire place while taking a break from the cold winter air. We offer a variety of cold drinks such as soda, gatorade, yoo hoo chocolate milk and more. You can purchase hot apple cider, coffee, or hot chocolate to warm up your insides while sitting inside at the lodge. We serve nachos and have many types of candy, chips and other snacks for the kids.

If you are looking for a souvenir we offer t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts with the Jonas Ridge Snow Tube Logo on it. 

Our staff is taking pictures  of you and your family on the top of the slope and action shots of you going down the tubing run.  You can preview the digital action photos on the LCD screens located within the lodge to make your choice. One you choose your picture of photos you can purchase and print them on site to take with you before you leave the slope.  If you want to  wait until you get home go to our website and by clicking  the purchase photos button on the left of this website you can view the photos of your visit to Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing.